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Vaasan Sport plays professional ice hockey in SM-liiga, the top-level professional ice hockey series in Finland.​​​​​​​ Here you find a brief summary of who we are, how and where you can come to see our games.

Games & tickets

Our home is the Vaasa Sähkö Arena. You can attend our games by purchasing season or single tickets. Tickets are sold to our games (click here for schedule):

The arena hosts up to 5200 spectators during ice hockey games. The D-end has a standing zone, where you can enjoy the game with our core fans. At the venue you can find various seats with, 'Bronze' being the most affordable, and 'Gold Premium' providing the best view on the action (see our arena map below).

For a full-course dining experience we offer our VIP service with a buffet dinner and a view on the game from our restaurant. For the most exclusive experience, we recommend one of our nine suites. The suites vary in size, and host up to 35 guests. You may order food and beverage service, with a personal host, to any of our suites. For VIP tickets and personal suites, please contact our sales team.

When choosing tickets, be advised that you may enjoy alcoholic drinks in seating zones marked with 'K-18' but you may not have underaged children accompany you there.

See 360° view of arena seating here!

Vaasa Sähkö Arena - arriving and hospitality

Vaasa Sähkö Arena is located slightly east from Vaasa center, in the close proximity of the Vaasa Central Hostpital and Lemonsoft Stadion. Right next to where the highway E12 enters Vaasa city (click here for map).

Vaasa Sähkö Areena
Rinnakkaistie 1
65350 Vaasa

​​The arena has a parking area, however places are limited and have a parking fee. Therefore; we recommend you to utilize our Game-Bus service, arrive by bicycle, or seek for free-of-charge parking possibilities a few corners further from the arena.

You are not permitted to bring drinks or food with you to the game, and this will be checked upon entrance. During the game you are welcome to enjoy the offerings of our concession stands. We serve a variety of freshly made foods, as well as pre-packed goods. We keep our prices at a level where it is affordable for everyone to find something to eat or drink.​​​​​​​ For full-course dining, please contact our sales team for VIP packages.

Our fan shop opens the same time as the doors for the games and holds open until the beginning of the third period.

Get to know the team

If you are not familiar with Vaasan Sport, we recommend you familiarize with our team prior to your visit. You can find our current roster here. For recent content about us, take a look at our social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

The origins of Vaasan Sport go back until 1939 when our mother club, IF Sport (Idrottsföreningen Sport) was founded. Sport's ice hockey department was established in 1962. Sport was one of the founders of the current professional elite ice hockey league, SM-liiga. Since then, Sport has played in the top three leagues in Finland, being a consistent participant in SM-liiga since the 2014-2015 season. We are currently working hard towards our next season, where we expect to experience the toughest, fastest and most exciting SM-liiga season to date.

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1. Tappara 60 34 8 5 13 123 2,05
2. Ilves 60 33 7 7 13 120 2,00
3. Pelicans 60 31 4 8 17 109 1,82
4. Kärpät 60 28 8 6 18 106 1,77
5. Jukurit 60 30 3 7 20 103 1,72
6. HIFK 60 26 7 11 16 103 1,72
7. KalPa 60 25 6 7 22 94 1,57
8. Lukko 60 22 10 6 22 92 1,53
9. TPS 60 17 14 5 24 84 1,40
10. Sport 60 21 5 10 24 83 1,38
11. Ässät 60 19 7 10 24 81 1,35
12. KooKoo 60 17 11 6 26 79 1,32
13. JYP 60 16 7 7 30 69 1,15
14. HPK 60 15 4 6 35 59 0,98
15. SaiPa 60 5 10 10 35 45 0,75









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